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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Worlds Apart

Artist Song
Alice Cooper   Under My Wheels  
The Posies   Solar Sister  
Weezer  Hash Pipe  
William S. Burroughs & REM  Star Me Kitten 
Bauer  Cubicle  
The Sinceros  Worlds Apart 
Arling & Cameron   Get It On! 
Orodruin  Unspeakable Truth 
Holocaust  Colossus  
Ditchliquor  Eve 26  
Colour Haze  2 + 7 
Vonvod  Best Regards  
Asian Dub Foundation   New Way New Life  
Crucifix  Prejudice  
Converge  You Fail Me  
Television Personalities   Part Time Punks  
Crisis  Secrets Of The Prison House  
Gomez  We Haven't Turned Around  
Outkast  Happy Valentine's Day