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CD | Theme - Narrative
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Dancing Down The Scene

Artist Song
Crooked Fingers  Boy With 100 Hands 
Defiance, Ohio  Lullabies  
Mirah  Body Below  
Iron and Wine  Sodom, South Georgia 
The Pogues  Streets of Sorrow 
Hank Williams  Ramblin' Man  
America  A Horse With No Name  
The Places  Travel Light  
Cordero  Girando Hasta El Fin  
Morphine  LIke a Mirror 
Nico  No One is There  
Ambulance LTD  Stay Tuned  
Tara Jane O'Neil  The Poisoned Mine  
Crooked Fingers  Sunday Morning Coming Down  
The Zombies  She's Coming Home  
Cat Power  Wild is the Wind  


This could have been classified as a couple things (sleep, romance) but labeling it a narrative seemed like the more appropriate choice. I tried to compile a handfull of songs that told the story of a couple that traveled away from each other for various reasons but eventually came back together. Runing time is just over an hour. The cordero song is meant be a transition track. I'm not exactly sure what it's about though since it's in Spanish. Made for girlfriend in part to apologize for my forthcoming absence this summer.


Date: 5/9/2005
I like it. I always get a kick out of track 7. I suspect all men secretly want to be cowboys : )