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Nikka Costa will destroy you.

Artist Song
nikka costa  around the world  
nikka costa  master blaster 
nikka costa  on and on 
nikka costa  so have i for you  
nikka costa  can'tneverdidnothin 
nikka costa  get off my sunshine 
nikka costa  til i get to you 
nikka costa  hope it felt good  
nikka costa  meltdown 
nikka costa  like a feather  
nikka costa  come clean 
nikka costa  tug of war  
nikka costa  fooled ya baby  
nikka costa  black seed 
nikka costa  everybody got their something  
nikka costa  push & pull  
nikka costa  hey love  


she is everything lenny used to be, everything joss could one day be, and all that aerosmith hopes to again be. and more. she is the alpha and the omega. she will destroy you.


Date: 5/15/2005
I love Push & Pull.
Date: 5/16/2005
i also love that song! it's the only nikka costa track i've ever heard. hmm...
Date: 5/16/2005
Ah, Nikka! I am looking forward to hearing her new album... Nice mix - I'm not sure with my single artist mix frenzy that I would have considered Nikka for a mix... at least not yet. (I wouldn't mind trading for this if you are up for it)