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A Spring Timeline: April Showers to May Flowers

Side A
Artist Song
The Police  King Of Pain  
Failure   Dipped In Anger 
Led Zeppelin  Babe I'm Gonna Leave You  
Smashing Pumpkins  Try, Try, Try  
Modest Mouse  The Stars Are Projectors  
At The Drive-In  Quarantined  
Isis  Maritime  
Massive Attack  Tear Drop 
Cave In  Joy Opposites  
The Doors  Riders On The Storm  
Side B
The Appleseed Cast  Fishing The Sky  
British Sea Power  North Hanging Rock  
The Stills  Ready For It  
Deftones  Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event  
Bad Brains  I Luv I Jah  
Modest Mouse  The World At Large  
Modest Mouse  Float On  
My Bloody Valentine  Sometimes  
Sigur R=s  Ag┬Átis byrjun 
No Knife  If It Moves Kiss It  


A timeline of the spring comprised of songs I associate heavily with that time of year. The songs flow like the season of spring itself. It starts out with that awkward transition from the winter where everything is still slushy and melting and the snow is dark and grimy. Then the rains come and wash everything away. After that we're left with green grass and lots of fog/humidity. Then the fog dies down and we're left with our first glimpse of sunshine which just barely hints at the summer ahead.