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Sam (Daughter Of Frankenstein-Mix)

Artist Song
Alisha's Attic  Personality Lines 
Gorillaz  Feel Good Inc.  
The Who  I Can't Explain  
Cake  I Will Survive  
Maroon 5  She Will Be Loved  
Outkast  The Whole World 
No Doubt  Don't Let Me Down  
Katie Melua  The Closest Thing To Crazy  
Fool's Garden  Lemon Tree  
Avril Lavigne  Complicated  
Die -rzte  Zu SpSt (Live) 
Smash Mouth  Walking On The Sun  
R.E.M.  Everybody Hurts  
Juanes feat. Nelly Furtado  Fotografia 
Danielle Brisebois  Pretty Baby 
Emma Roberts  If I Had It My Way  
New Radicals  The Decency League 
I Am The Avalanche  Beating 
Guano Apes  Trumpet Song 
Blink-182  What's My Age Again?  


This is my mix for the Daughter of Franksenstein Project.1. Song under 1 minute ("Personality Lines" is 0:54)
2. Song from last album bought (last album I bought was Gorillaz' Demon Days)
3. Old song that you heard for 1st time in the last year
4. Cover you like better than original
5. A sexy song
6. Song reminds you of 1st relationship
7. 7th song from an album ("Don't Let Me Down" was track 7 on No Doubt's Rock Steady)
8. Favorite song from genre/style you usually don't like
9. Beatlesque song
10. Song from year you graduated high school (I graduated in 2002. And strangely enough I actually liked this song.)
11. Live version better than studio version
12. Song with "sun" in title
13. Song that makes you cry
14. Song in a language you don't speak
15. A b-side (B-side of Danielle Brisebois' single Don't Wanna Talk About Love)
16. Life is a TV show, this is your theme song
17. Your least favorite song by your favorite artist
18. Song from most recent artist you paid to see (I actually didn't pay, because my brother took me, but this was the last band I saw live... well, technically not the last, because they were the first of four bands of the line-up that evening, but they were the ones I enjoyed most)
19. Song without words
20. Song title = question?

Cover and title: first celebrity crush: Mine was Alyssa Milano as Samantha Micelli on Who's the boss (unfortunately I couldn't find a good picture of her from that time, so the one I used for the cover is a little later). I titled the mix "Sam" because I think it was more of a crush on the character than the actress and because there already was a daugther of Frankenstein-mix called "Alyssa" (Steiney apparently had a similar taste).

I wanted this to mix to fit on a regular audio CD, so I dropped 3 themes: Song with handclaps (because "Whole World" already has clapping), Song with your name in title (because those all suck) and Song from the 1st AOTM trade (because I'm new to this site and haven't traded, yet).


Date: 5/29/2005
Nice work. I just recently heard "I Can't Explain" for the first time too . . . and I totally agree with your choices for tracks 4 & 13.
Date: 5/29/2005
Great job, a good mix of pop & obscure. "Sam" is one that i forgot about for teen crush. Worth it for "the whole world" alone.