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I made a mix for Katrina...

Artist Song
Eels  Electro-Shock Blues  
Lisa Germano  ...Of Love and Colors 
Eels  I Need Some Sleep  
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds  Christmas Song  
Bright Eyes  Land-Locked Blues 
Justin Farren  4th of July 
Bright Eyes  Exaltation on a Cool Kitchen Floor 
The Damnwells  I Will Keep The Bad Things From You  
Eels  Spunky  
Jewel  Foolish Games  
Jeff Buckley  Corpus Christi Carol  
Mark Oliver Everett  Post-Flashback Blues 
Bright Eyes  Feb. 15 
Amos Lee  Black River  
Eels  Last Days of My Bitter Heart  
Eels  Ugly Love  
Polaris  Everywhere  


This is the full title of this mix: The "I made a mix for Katrina of some of my favorite sad songs because she bought me dinner and asked me lots of questions even though I am not very interesting. I hope that Katrina likes the Eels" Mix. It is very pretty, and not really as depressing as all that.


Bitter Fire
Date: 6/6/2005
It's a decent mix, it just seems kind of heavy on the eels. Like one artist has dominate the mix. But overall it's good. I really like the Bright Eyes songs.