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old motherfucking 97's (disc one)

Artist Song
old 97's  st. ignatius  
old 97's  504  
old 97's  wish the worst  
old 97's  mama tried  
old 97's  if my heart was a car  
old 97's  desperate times  
old 97's  w.i.f.e.  
old 97's  ray charles  
old 97's  victoria  
old 97's  the other shoe  
old 97's  doreen  
old 97's  big brown eyes  
old 97's  old familar steam 
old 97's  cryin' drunk  
old 97's  time bomb  
old 97's  barrier reef  
old 97's  broadway  
old 97's  w. tx teardrops  
old 97's  melt show  


love in order of appearance. seeing old 97's on thursday. yay. meant to be one disc for a newbie im bringing along, i realized i couldnt possibly do it in one disc. im sure it can be done. just not by me. oh no.

tracks 1-6 from Hitchhike to rhome
track 7 from Early tracks (or the lmtd ed vinyl if youre picky about it)
track 8 also from early tracks
tracks 9- 13 from Wreck your life
track 14 from early tracks (or orig. from lmtd ed vinyl)
tracks 15- 19 from Too far to care.


Instru Mental
Date: 6/5/2005
I really like what little I've heard of these guys. Would love to trade for this if you're interested.
Date: 6/6/2005
nice as always :) I looooove old 97's. and I don't have anything off Hitchhike...
Sean Lally
Date: 6/6/2005
nice comp - i too would like a copy of volume 1, if you're ever up for a trade.