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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Depression


Artist Song
585 MOB  Untitled (A Tribute to Rochester) 
Le Tigre  Les and Ray  
The Mountain Goats  The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton 
Wally Pleasant  Hardcore Man  
Jesus Loves You  Bow Down Mister 
Sri Narayan Maharaja  Nitai-Gauranga 
Braid   I'm Afraid of Everything  
Atom and his Package  Mind Playing Tricks on Me 
The Kinda Long Haired Band  Circles 
The Get Up Kids  Harvest of Maturity 
The Moldy Peaches  NYC is like a Graveyard 
Pedro the Lion  Bad Diary Day 
Sean Na Na   Slow to the Core  
Death Cab for Cutie  Company Calls  
American Football   I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional  
Drive-by Truckers  Panties in Your Purse  
Dan Bern  New York Women 
Turbo Negro  I Get Erection 
The Streets  Don't Mug Yourself  
HarMar Superstar  Wet Lovin' 
Chisel  Do Go On  


This is my attempt to summarize my life for a girl in one cd. She doesn't like any of the music I like, and we had just met at the time that I gave this to her. I made this about a year ago and just found it again. The 585 MOB track is an exclusive that me and my boys made in the studio after drinking to much OE and reminiscing too long on growing up. It rules.