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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

Stockholm vs Gothenberg

Side A
Artist Song
Grave  And Here I Die... 
Entombed  Rotten Soil  
Dismember  Bleed For Me  
Carnage  Blasphemies of the Flesh  
Vomitory  Raped in their Own Blood 
Hypocrisy  Osculum Obscenium 
Daemon  Greed  
Nasum  Disdain and Contempt/I See Lies/Inhale_Exhale 
Dellamorte  Strategies Against Humanity 
Runemagick  Death Collector  
Bloodbath  So You Die  
Edge of Sanity  Of Darksome Origin  
Side B
At the Gates  Cold  
Sacrilege  Beyond the Gates of Pain  
Dissection  The Grief Prophecy 
In Flames  Upon an Oaken Throne  
The Haunted  Trespass  
The Crown  In Bitterness and Sorrow  
Eucharist  Floating 
Ebony Tears  Nectars of Eden 
Impious  The Punishment 
Armageddon-  Galaxies Away 
Dark Tranquility  The Dividing Line 


This is for any other Swedish death metal geeks out there (or you any new fans who think Swedish death metal started with In Flames and Soilwork). The geography is a little dodgy; about half of the bands aren't from either Stockholm or Gothenberg (and Daemon aren't even Swedish), but the idea is to pair up the original punk&grind inspired Stockholm/Sunlight Studios sound with the melodic Gothenberg style that's now so popular with 16 year old girls and hardcore bands alike. This is made for a 90 minute tape, but it works just as well for a CD-R if you remove Hypocrisy from side one and Impious from side two, with Edge of Sanity bridging the gap between brutal death metal and airy melodicism (as they do).

Incidentally, how come AOTM doesn't have metal as a category? Are we all a bunch of indie rock hipsters here?