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íAy, Anita!

Side A
Artist Song
Keef & the Boys  Hold Back 
Keef & the Boys  Honky Tonk 
Keef & the Boys  Hand of Fate 
Keef & the Boys  Gimme Shelter 
Keef & the Boys  Hearts for Sale 
Keef & the Boys  Can't Be Seen 
Keef & the Boys  Shake your Hips 
Keef & the Boys  All Down The Line 
Keef & the Boys  Can't You Hear Me Knocking (jam excerpt) 
Keef & the Boys  Heartbreaker 
Side B
La Manguera  Blues for Salvador 
La Manguera  Bailando 
La Manguera  Bella 
La Manguera  I'm Gone 
La Manguera  'Trane 
La Manguera  Deeper Dig Deeper 
La Manguera  Mingus 
La Manguera  Hannibal 
La Manguera  Blues for Salvador 


This was previously titled F***ing Anita, but I have gone for a more family-friendly title since my doowadette is getting more active here...My friend Robert from NY via Chiapas (or Guadalajara via Comitßn or some combination therof) made this tape
for me based on his theory that the Stones peaked when Keith hooked up with Anita Pallenberg. Of course as all great rock
theories do, the tape reveals some inconsistency, by including songs after the pair had gone their separate tracks (pun
intended). But that jam excerpt from Can't you hear me knocking is as good as it got and as good as it gets and as good as
it'll ever get. Side 2 is actually Carlos Santana's Blues for Salvador CD, a quite fruitful use of the extra 45 minutes after
Keith's mix climaxed. "La Manguera" comes from an interview with Carlos in the cheezy English-language weekly published
for the Chapala old-fart community. "People are like flowers. Music is like water. Me, I'm the hose." (No tiene nada que ver con Rosa la vende mangos)
íGracias, Roberto, por todo!


Rob Conroy
Date: 10/1/2007
Cool idea. I agree with your theory.
Date: 11/24/2010
Whatever happened to that band Keef & the Boys? Looks like they were just a flash in the pan with no staying power.