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Chemical fat boy beats

Artist Song
Fatboy slim  right here, right now  
Apollo 440  stop the rock  
Fatboy slim  the rockafella skank 
Fatboy slim  kalifornia  
Fatboy slim  love island  
Brooklyn bounce  contact  
Basement Jaxx  where's your head at?  
Basement Jaxx  get me off  
Chemical Brothers  chemical beats 
Brooklyn bounce  Theme (of progressive attack) 
Chemical Brothers  block rockin' beats 
Fatboy slim  santa cruz  
Fatboy slim  going out of my head  
Fatboy slim  give the po' man a break  
Fatboy slim  next to nothing  


My first techno mix that I made over a year ago.It's an energetic mix to keep you going. The Basement Jaxx might seem a little out of place, but I just like to break things up with a a bit of a different sound sometimes.


Date: 10/20/2006
With Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx being some of my favourite artists, I could say this mix might make some good listening. Is there anyway I could listen to it? It looks good, and I want to know if it sounds good. And I'm sure it does.