An Accidental Ferris Wheel: One Night In Emo-Land (6/05)

Side A
Artist Song
The Impossibles  Plan B  
Jimmy Eat World  Lucky Denver Mint  
The Long Winters  Scared Straight  
Lostprophets  Last Train Home  
Guster  Happier  
Jimmy Soul  If You Wanna Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life 
Azure Ray  New Resolution  
Taking Back Sunday  Great Romances Of The 20th Century  
New Radicals  I Don't Wanna Die Anymore  
New End Original  Lukewarm  
Nada Surf  Popular  
The Littlest Man Band  It's You  
Unsung Zeros  Miracle 
Side B
Hepcat  Can't Wait 
Yellowcard  Ocean Avenue  
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones  A Jackknife To A Swan  
Alien Angel  
The Ataris  A Beautiful Mistake  
Spitalfield  I Loved The Way She Said "L.A."  
Jets To Brazil  Perfecting Lonliness 
Weezer  No Other One  
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  First To Finish, Last To Start 
Name Taken  Someone 
Harvey Danger  Problems And Bigger Ones  
Saves The Day  Tomorrow Too Late  
Superchunk  Detroit Has A Skyline  


This is a mix that I made to commemorate a fabulous evening spent with one of my dearest friends, the lovely miss Nico. Aside from being sexually harassed by carnie workers and hit on by sketchy dudes at Denny's, we agreed that our experiences that night were the literal equivalent of being inside of a really lame emo song. Two best friends at the beginning of summmer driving around with nowhere to go - windows down, Dashboard blaring - finding themselves on a poetic whirlwind adventure, even stumbling upon a carnival. It was lovely. Really. This tape is, in many ways, a watered-down reincarnation of "She Has Spring In Her Step..." the lost wonder of my mixtape collection.