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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

Ian's Road Tape

Side A
Artist Song
Swans -   Like a drug 
Paradise Lost-  Gothic 
Drowningman-  Angles and Defenses 
Entombed-  Abnormally Deceased 
Grave-  In Love 
Raised Fist-The models on TV  The models on TV 
Extol-  God Knows 
Sinister-  Spiritual Immolation 
Lost Soul-  The Highest Pleasure 
Dimmu Borgir-  Kings of the Carnival Creation 
Raputina -   Trenchmouth 
Fugazi Red Medecine-  By You 
Lock up-  Salvation Through Destruction 
The Crown-  Rebel Angel 
Napalm Death-  Suffer the Children (live in Tokyo 98) 
Skitsystem-  Apati 
Naked City-  13 
Nasum-  Fatal Search 
Side B
Motorhead-  Wake the Dead 
Entombed-  About to Die 
My Dying Bride-  A Kiss to Remember 
Electric Wizard-  Night of the Shape 
Napalm Death-  Remain Nameless 
Dimmu Borgir-  Indoctrination 
Katatonia-  I Transpire 
Opeth-  Blackwater Park 
Wolfpack-  Allday Hell 
Impious-  Diseased 
Defleshed-  the heat from another sun 
Sacrilege-  Fettered in Shackles of light 
Hypocrisy-  Sodomized 


This is a 120 min tape I made for my buddies Ian and Matt (Japanther) for their Summer 2002 tour. Special help from my Kenwood 200 disc changer, which helped with some of the random interludes (ie Rasputina).