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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

Ian's tape pt 2

Side A
Artist Song
Vader-  the red passage 
Judas Priest-  The Ripper 
Celtic Frost-  Circle of the Tyrants 
Slayer-  Necrophic 
Grotesque-  Church of the Pentagram 
Motorhead-  Capricorn 
Exodus-  And then there were none 
Venom-  Angel Dust 
Kreator  Betrayer  
Stamping Ground-  Bathe my wounds 
Iron Maiden-  The Fallen Angel 
Metallica-  Disposable Heroes 
Lost Soul-  Entrance to nothingness 
Sodom-  Christ Passion 
Bathory-  the rite of darkness 
Side B
Tool-  jimmy 
Satyricon-  the dark castle in the deep 
5ive-  the baron 
Neurosis-  descent 
Megadeth-  Hanger 18 
Darkthrone-  black victory of death 
Misfits-  where eagles dare 
katatonia-  had to leave 
napalm death -  mulitinational/instinct/stigmatised 
dawn-  the aphelion deserts 


The second tape I made for my buddies Matt and Ian. Side One is decidedly old school/thrash; side two is just my Kenwood 200 disc changer on random.