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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

Black flames over a cold fjord: Sweden vs Norway

Side A
Artist Song
Bathory  Woman of Dark Desires  
Grotesque  Ripped from the Cross 
Naglfar  Of Gorgons Spawned 
Dawn  The Knell And the World 
Sacramentum  Dream Death  
Marduk  Of Hell's Fire 
Dissection  Retribution (Storm of the Light's Bane) 
Mutant  Premonitions Erupt  
Dark Funeral  My Dark Desires  
Abyss  Psychomantum 
Side B
Immortal  Where Light and Dark Don't Differ 
Emperor  Into the Infinity of Thoughts  
Satyricon  The Conquering 
Mayhem  Part II 
Dimmu Borgir  Dreamside Dominions  
Arcturus  Wintergrey 
Darkthrone  Quintessence  


If this tape doesn't make you burn down a church, you're already in prison. Swedish black metal on side one, the more popular "True Norsk" kind on the other side. My personal preferences go towards the melodic inclinations of the Swedes; I'm particularly in awe of Dawn's epic take on the genre. And lets not forget that the founding fathers of Scandinavian black metal, Bathory, were in fact Swedish.
On the Norwegian side, it's hard to argue with the combined might of Emperor, Darkthrone, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus and Satyricon (back when they mattered).


Date: 7/5/2005
Go Sweden Go!
Good mix!