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leave a white and turbid wake

Side A
Artist Song
Rilo Kiley  Three Hopeful Thoughts  
The Shins  Young Pilgrims 
The Arcade Fire  Wake Up 
Pavement  Starlings Of The Slipstream  
Elliot Smith  St. Ides Heaven 
The Kinks  Alcohol  
Slow Reader  Politics, Music, and Drugs 
Neil Young  For The Turnstiles  
The Decemberists  Everything I Try To Do, Nothin 
My Morning Jacket  One Big Holiday  
The Walkmen  The Rat  
Deerhoof  Adam + Eve Connection 
Wilco  The Late Greats  
Side B
David Bowie  Oh! You Pretty Things  
Belle and Sebastian  Like Dylan In The Movies  
John Lennon  Remember  
Explosions In The Sky  Yasmin The Light  
Velvet Underground  Ride Into The Sun 
Uncle Tupelo  Wait Up  
Bob Dylan  Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Naomi  
Microphones  Headless Horseman  
The Faces  Ooh, La, La 
Rolling Stones  No Expectations 
The Elected  Don't Blow It  



Date: 6/29/2005
great mix, lots of favourites