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50 Ways to Leave your Lover

Side A
Artist Song
Johnny Cash  Solitary Man, American III, 2000 
Bob Dylan  Ballad of A Thin Man, Highway 61 Revisited, 1965 
Alan Jackson  Drive (For Daddy Gene), Drive, 2002 
Belle & Sebastian  I'm A Cuckoo, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, 2003 
Elvis Costello  Shipbuilding, Shipbuilding, 1994 
Paul Simon  Jonah, One Trick Pony, 1980 
Howlin' Wolf  No Place To Go, Happy Man, 1995 
Kent  If You Were Here, Isola, 1997 
Neil Young  Cinnamon Girl, Bangin' 'N' 'Knockin', 1999 
Pink Floyd  Comfortably Numb, The Wall, 1979 
Bruce Springsteen  Badlands, Power in the Blood, 2002 
Pulp  Birds In Your Garden, We Love Life, 2001 
The Raveonettes  Veronica Fever, Whip It On, 2002 
Roxy Music  Grey Lagoons, For Your Pleasure, 1973 
The Shins  Girl Inform Me, Oh, Inverted World, 2001 
Beck  Already Dead, Sea Change, 2003 
Supergrass  Evening of The Day, Life on Other Planets, 2002 
Supergrass  Pumping On Your Stereo, Supergrass, 1999 
Talking Heads  Once In A Life Time, Remain in Light, 1980 
The Veils  Lavinia, Lavinia, 2003 
The Who  Behind Blue Eyes, Hooligans, 1982 
The Beatles  Doctor Robert, Revolver [UK], 1966 
Blondie  Call Me, Back to Back Hits, 1996 
Jack Johnson  Middle Man, Brushfire Fairytales, 2001 
Miles Davis  Yesternow, A Tribute to Jack Johnson, 1970 
Side B
John Cale  Adelaide, Vintage Violence, 1970 
Kings of Leon  Wicker Chair, Holy Roller Novocaine, 2003 
Leonard Cohen  Ain't No Cure for LiveThe Essential, 2002 
Lou Reed  The Bed, Animal Serenade, 2004 
Michael Jackson  Beat It, Thriller, 1982 
Michael Jackson  Thriller, Thriller, 1982 
The Moody Blues  For My Lady, Seventh Sojourn, 1972 
Neil Young  Anna Lee, Bangin' 'N' 'Knockin', 1999 
Pearl Jam  Footsteps, Lost Dogs: Rarities and B Sides, 2003 
Pink Floyd  Nobody Home, The Wall, 1979 
R.E.M.  I Don't Sleep, I Dream, Monster, 1994 
The Rapture  Olio, Echoes, 2003 
Simon & Garfunkel  The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, 1970 
Peter Gabriel  Sky Blue, Up , 2002 
Peter Gabriel  The Drop, Up, 2002 
Smashing Pumpkins  Disarm, Siamese Dream, 1993 
Talk Talk  Inheritance, Spirit of Eden, 1988 
Talk Talk  Eden, Spirit of Eden, 1988 
Tindersticks  Room 321, Trouble Every Day, 2001 
Wilco  Radio Cure, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot , 2002 
Young Marble Giants  Final Day, Colossal Youth, 1980 
Young Marble Giants  The Taxi, Colossal Youth, 1980 
Jack Johnson  Bubble Toes, Brushfire Fairytales, 2001 
Le Tigre  Let's Run, Le Tigre, 1999 
Velvet Underground  The Murder Mystery, Peel Slowly and See, 1995 


chuppa chuppa Some mix i have done about 3 weeks ago. Let's see... ? who likes it ?


Date: 7/4/2005
I like it!
lo-fi jr.
Date: 7/4/2005
Like it enough to stay for seconds.
Date: 7/4/2005
how could you not like it?
bufo alvarius
Date: 7/4/2005
Good stuff all the way around, for sure. I've been wanting to include that PJ track on a mix, but haven't found the right one for it yet.
Joe R
Date: 7/5/2005
Very impressive! Love the Roxy Music track too :-)
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/13/2005
I like it just fine.