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CD | Electronic - Ambient
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' t - 1 ' -primal-

Side A
Artist Song
robert rich  deliquescing procession 
a.l.p.  disk drive-kettle wash 
sven ake johansson  etwas enfernt mikrofon 
steve roach  aftermath 
z'ev:  kettle smash 
dar-X-tar  a secret place 
fayman & fripp  a temple in the clouds (excerpt) 
somoton  future memories 
propellerheads  c l a n g 
Side B
robert fripp  spoken preface 
holli  ito okashi 
eno   like organza 
jan garbarek  the path 
photek  halogen 
kozo  chickin' 
demo squad  wracked 
don cabellero  june is finally here 
schill-tech  pimm 
talvin singh  taj + beat 


A Mix that asks "Am I an Experimental Mix with some Ambient Tracks, or an Ambient Mix with some Experimental tracks?" I hated this mix whilst making it...sequences were sketched (and re-sketched), then I changed the lead songs several times.but all the 'pain and suffering' was worth it in the end: a splendiferous aural pot pourri that melts together while shifting gears and striking a Primal chord. Each side begins etherealistically smooth and gets progressively choppier and bumpier following an experimental-noise path. Mixes Ambient; Electronica; Experimental/Avantgarde and Drum+Bass mp3 & .wav tracks. It begins as a pulse in the recesses of your brain then meanders through to your soul. ~:-p
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Date: 2/5/2001
Gotta catch 'em all...any chance of these being released in a box set?? ;>
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 2/6/2001
yeah....I'm currently in price negotiations with a custom packaging vendor.....