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New Day Rising....?

Side A
Artist Song
Talking Heads  Psycho Killer  
Doors  People are Strange 
Skip James  Hard Time Killing Floor Blues  
Wei-Chung Loh  Parting at Yang Kwan 
Django Reinhardt  Across the Sea (La Mer) 
Leonard Cohen  Famous Blue Raincoats 
Replacements  Unsatisfied 
Husker Du  Somewhere 
The Mob  Mirror Breaks  
Joy Division  Twenty Four Hours  
Neil Young  Organ Solo on DeadMan soundtrack 
Neil YOung  Time for you to go now, William Blake (same album) 
The Doors  The End  
Joy Division  Decades  
Side B
Conflict  To be Continued...  
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  Far from Me  
Van Morrison  Astral Weeks  
Velvet Underground  Sunday Morning 
The Ex  Huriyet  
Robert Johnson  Love in Vain  
Leonard Cohen  Hallelujah  
Velvet Underground  After Hours 
Chumbawumba  World Turned Upside Down 
Pogues  A Pair of Brown Eyes 
Neil Young  I Believe in YOu  
Bane  interlude/elegy on "It All Comes Down to This" 
Joy Division  Atmosphere  
Velvet Underground  It's All Right (the Way that you Live) 
Joe Strummer  Redemption Song (Marley cover) 


an elaborate, double-CD mix for a crush that can be spoken of by Nick Cave: "In a world where everybody fucks everybody else over/were you ever there for me?/Did you ever care for me...you are so far from me. Far from me."