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LiveJournal Challenge

Side A
Artist Song
The Clash  (White Man in) Hammersmith Palais 
Derek & the Dominoes  Layla 
Elvis Costello  What's So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding? 
Bob Marley  Redemption Song  
Joy Division  Means to an End 
Pogues/Shane MacGowan  Sick Bed of Cuchulain 
N.W.A.  Fuck the Police 
The Proletariat  Options 
Rolling Stones  Paint it Black 
Replacements  I Will Dare 
Vaselines  Son of a Gun 
Wei-Chung Loh  Parting at Yang Kwan 
Iron Cross  Psycho Skin  
Pere Ubu  Navvy  
Fear   I Love Livin' in the City  
Slits  New Town 
Gene Pitney  Man Who Shot Liberty Valence 
Pedro the Lion  Options  
John Fahey (covering Skip James)  Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues 
Elliot Smith  Needle in the Hay 
Side B


Comments: Again, the rules. 1. Your favorite song with the name of a city in the title or text. 2. A song you've listened to repeatedly when you were depressed at some point in your life. 3. Ever bought an entire album just for one song and winded up disliking everything but that song? Gimme that song. 4. A song whose lyrics you thought you knew in the past, but about which you later learned you were incorrect. 5. Your least favorite song on one of your favorite albums of all time. 6. A song you like by someone you find physically unattractive or otherwise repellent. 7. Your favorite song that has expletives in it that's not by Liz Phair. 8. A song that sounds as if it's by someone British but isn't. 9. A song you like (possibly from your past) that took you forever to finally locate a copy of. 10. A song that reminds you of spring but doesn't mention spring at all. 11. A song that sounds to you like being happy feels. 12. Your favorite song from a non-soundtrack compilation album. 13. A song from your past that would be considered politically incorrect now (and possibly was then). 14. A song sung by an overweight person. 15. A song you actually like by an artist you otherwise hate. 16. A song by a band (whose members actually play instruments) that features three or more female members. 17. One of the earliest songs that you can remember listening to. 18. A song you've been mocked by friends for liking. 19. A really good cover version you think no one else has heard 20. A song that has helped cheer you up (or empowered you somehow) after a breakup or otherwise difficult situation.


Mr. Mirage
Date: 7/15/2005
Nicely done!! Liberty Valence? Haven't heard that in FOREVER.... One I don't include on my mixes is a song called "Forever" by Paul Drake and his talking guitar... I think it may have had someone else on the b side... or maybe it was the b side... Regardless, damn fine mix.
Date: 7/16/2005
pedro the lion "options" is like, one of my favorite songs...your friends are insane for mocking you. i love these rules...you have inspired me. thanks :)
do your war dance
Date: 7/17/2005
looks like fun. what lj group is this from? i'm in love_postal and i never get anything like this one.
Date: 7/18/2005
I don't know what LJ group it was in, I got the idea from April 20, ask him.