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for dom

Side A
Artist Song
T. Rex  Jeepster Electric Warrior, 1971 
T. Rex  Girl Electric Warrior, 1971 
Ed Kuepper   Friday's Blue Cheer/Libertines of OxleyHoney Steel's Gold, 1995  
Alice Coltrane  Walk With Me Translinear Light, 2004  
Ash  Meltdown Meltdown, 2004  
The Church  North, South, East and West Starfish, 1988  
Elvis Costello  Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Use to Do)?Almost Blue, 1981  
The Brian Jonestown Massacre  Fucker Take It from the Man!, 1996 
The Gun Club  Kamata Hollywood City Lucky Jim, 1993  
Frank Sinatra   Baubles, Bangles and Beads Come Dance With Me!, 1958  
The Louvin Brothers  Thank God for My Christian Home Thank God for My Christian Home, 1965  
Morphine   The Only One Good, 1992  
Side B
Byrds   It Won't Be Wrong (Don't Be Long) Byrd Parts, 1998  
David Bowie  Lady Grinning Soul Aladdin Sane, 1973  
Laura Lee  Rip off Invictus Chartbusters, 1999  
Alicia Keys  A Womens Worth Songs in A Minor, 2001  
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  Building Skyscrapers in the Basement Hearts of Oak, 2003  
Buddy Rich  Big Mac The Roar of '74, 1974  
Unseen  So This Is Freedom? So This Is Freedom?, 1999  


This one's for Dom1. "everyone be surprised" Yes i dont be familiar with you Dom, but i'll have to respect your past here. I saw ur Mixes and i saw all like this: THIS ONE'S FOR DIANA RIGG & HONOR BLACKMAN, THIS ONE'S FOR ELVIS PRESLEY, THIS ONE'S FOR THE DOORS, THIS ONE'S FOR JOY DIVISION..THIS ONE'S FOR....THIS ONE'S FOR...etc. That was really amazing! So i think THIS ONE'S FOR DOM1 .
image for mix


Date: 7/16/2005
I'm flattered! A nice'n'eclectic mix with some choice artists. I'm interested to know where that picture is from.
gasmask tiger pumpkin olio!
Date: 7/17/2005
That pic is from Luxembourg.
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/17/2005
Looks good to me.