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Music So Bad, So Strange, So Wrong...I Am Not Well

Side A
Artist Song
GE World Of Silicone  Answers 
Katie Lee  Will To Fail 
Eddie Murray  Stepping High Dance 
Ed & Alice Gorin  California Cruiser 
Crazy Otto  The Crazy Otto Rag 
Firehouse Five Plus Two  My Cutey's Due At Two To Two Today 
Strip Tease And Other Delights  How To Keep Your Guy At Home 
Bob Peck  Sweet 16 
Patti Jerome  Hurt O'Clock 
Tom Arico  (Baby) On The Way 
John   The Theme From Happy Days 
Sonny Maresco  Little Willy 
The Counterpoints  Is She Really Going Out With Him? 
Opera James  Back In Black 
Sprong Glen Grade School Orchestra  Mack The Knife 
Nirvana Sitar & String Group  The Letter 
Ken Nordine  Green 
Side B
Del Close & John Brent  Introduction 
Electronic Concept Orchestra  Penny Lane 
Amanda Reckonwith & The Sweet Nothings  Us And Them 
Care Bears  One Good Hug Deserves Another 
Cookie Monster  Cookie Disco 
Abe Heller  Medley: Amazing Grace/Hello Dolly 
Patricia Brady-Danzig  I Could HAve Danced All Night 
Robert Mitchum  Ballad Of Thunder Road 
The Cheers  Black Trousers And Motorcycle Boots 
The Super Stocks  Four On The Floor 
The Scramblers  Mister Hot Rod 
Wink Martindale  To Remember Me By 
Marcy  The Gospel Express 
Dana Drake  Niagra Falls 
Lucia Pamela  Walkin' On The Moon 
Bebe Buell  Funtime 


Some of the whacky things in the record collection. Some thrift store/yard sale finds. The joy is questioning why some of the things were recorded, are they serious, humorous, or just plain odd? Sheer genius in many cases, such as drag queens doing Pink Floyd (puts a whole new twist on the tune) or unintentional like Bebe Buell doing the Iggy tune(perhaps it was intentional,hmmm). You discover things like the Care Bears are really Flo and Eddie and NRBQ and that Cookie Monster does the theme from Shaft with a twist. Even more amazing is Eddie Higgins was part of the Electronic Concept Orchestra on the album Moog Groove(Chicago Jazz hope plays the moog??). My records and me have a bond. Upon listening to this mix it is sort of like a John Waters flick, so says my wife.


Date: 2/6/2001
wow.. this looks really interesting. until i have a decent record player, i know i'll be passing up a lot of great, quirky thrift store/yard sale finds. would you be interested in a trade?
Date: 2/6/2001
Oh man, this is perfect. I was thinking of doing a "Journey to the bottom of the $1 bin" mix... guess you beat me to the punch.
Falstaff Dvorak
Date: 2/6/2001
Man, this mix sucks! And I mean that in the best way. Sometimes it's not "why was this recorded?" as much as "why would anyone think somebody would want to hear this?". Lucia Pamela makes my son scream "Turn this off!" & it's supposed to be a kid's record. I've always wanted to live my life like a Jihn Water's flick. I sense a trade in our future.
Date: 2/6/2001
Indeed it sucks. Poor taste at its finest. So bad its great,perhaps its not a John Waters flick but Ed Wood
Geoff Holland12
Date: 3/31/2001
Geoff Holland12
Date: 3/31/2001
this is a wonderful mix....sorry about the premature click earlier!
Lissa Crayon
Date: 4/28/2001
this mix is great. i received it in the mail about 3 weeks ago and i can safely say--yes, it's a beauty! thanks, tom!
Date: 5/24/2001
I passed on the opportunity to buy an album similar to the Marcy one last year. I've been kicking myself for it ever since. Gospel songs sung by ventriloquist dummies...i love it.
Date: 5/15/2002
This looks wonderfully awful. I'd love to hear it!
Date: 7/1/2002
This is Unbelievable!!! I'm Not the only Little Marcy Fan
Date: 7/14/2002
even at your worst, you don't fail..i'm envious!
bebe buell and John Waters. i dig.
nick isom
Date: 5/10/2003
hey. i love john waters. i finally got to see Female trouble last night. would you want to trade or something? i'd love to have a copy of this.