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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative

Max Tensile Strength (Disc 1)

Artist Song
Senor Coconut y su Conjunto  Autobahn 
King Missile  Detachable Penis  
The Vapors  Spiders  
Wall of Voodoo  Crazy Melbourne 
Johnny Cash  A Boy Named Sue  
Bent Leg Fatima  Mouse / Lone Gunner 
Frank Zappa  Lemme Take You To The Beach 
XBXRX  Carlos E. Moore 
Nu-Tra  DUM 
The Blues Brothers  Rubber Biscuit  
The Toy Dolls  Toccata in Dm 
Faust  I've Got My Car and My TV 
Mark Mothersbaugh  Hardest Geometry Problem in the World  
Les Baxter & His Orchestra  Saturday Night on Saturn 
Pere Ubu  Love Love Love  
Primus  Jerry Was A Race Car Driver  
Dogbowl  Stalker 
Neil Young  We R In Control 
Negativland  20 


Made to send out to LiveJournal and real life friends. Each mailed CD has a handwritten track list and hand-drawn cover art.