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Dude, You Can Finally Tell Girls You're A Musician

Side A
Artist Song
The Ramones  Baby, I Love You 
Pulp Fiction  "Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest" 
Chuck Berry  You Never Can Tell  
Otis Redding  These Arms of Mine  
Electric Six  Dance Commander  
The White Stripes  Blue Orchid  
Pearl Jam  Do the Evolution  
Some Local Band  Three Little Birds (Live) 
Johnny Cash  A Boy Named Sue (Live)  
The Beatles  Rocky Raccoon  
Beck  The New Pollution  
Bjork  It's Oh So Quiet 
Jimi Hendrix  All Along the Watchtower  
The Who  Leaving Here  
The Misfits  The KKK Took My Baby Away (Live) 
Side B
The Decemberists  The Legionaire's Lament 
Coitus Interruptus  I Hate You, You Stupid Bitch ('Cause I'm Breaking Up with You Now) 
Reverend Horton Heat  Big Little Baby 
RoMak & the Space Pirates  The Day That Wasn't There 
The Kinks  Do You Remember, Walter? 
P Funk  We Want the Funk 
The Stooges  Ann  
The's  I'm Blue 
Jane's Addiction  Been Caught Stealing  
Neutral Milk Hotel  Holand, 1945 
Pop Noir  Age of Consent 
Sonic Youth  Unmade Bed  


This mix was another shot of getting my girlfriend to stop listening to Backstreet Boys and Relient K. I think it might've worked this time since she keeps singing assorted lines from "Dance Commander," "Rocky Raccoon," and "Holand, 1945." The Coitus Interruptus track wasn't included in the version I gave her for the obvious reasons (that and it's just a sloppy but catchy spontenious jam my friend and his band had).

The title comes from something I told my friend after he started a one-man techno band comprising of him mixing prerecorded samples together.


Date: 7/31/2005
Fightin' the good fight. Good for you. Nice mix.
Rob Conroy
Date: 12/23/2005
What blasikin said.