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Here Comes Your Ghost Again: The Songs Of Bob Dylan

Artist Song
Billy Joel  Make You Feel My Love (3:55) 
Lou Reed  Foot Of Pride [live] (8:45) 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Death Is Not The End (4:28) 
Emmylou Harris  Every Grain Of Sand (3:56) 
Chicago Mass Choir  Pressing On (6:11) 
The Band  Don't You Tell Henry (3:16) 
Fairport Convention  Million Dollar Bash [live] (3:59) 
Bob Dylan  Watching The River Flow (3:36) 
Jewels And Binoculars  Sign On The Window (3:36) 
Janis Joplin  Dear Landlord (2:33) 
Arlo Guthrie  Gates Of Eden (5:15) 
Them  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (3:51) 
Gregory Isaacs  Mr. Tambourine Man (5:06) 
Boots Of Spanish Leather (5:32) 
Peter, Paul & Mary  Bob Dylan's Dream (4:02) 
Joan Baez w/ Mary Chapin Carpenter  Diamonds & Rust [live] (5:06) 
(blank)  (blank) (1:05) 
Sheryl Crow and Bob Dylan  Mississippi (Duet Mash-Up) (5:11) 


The third, so far the latest, and so far the best of my series of mixes of Bob Dylan covers. Tracks 1-15 are ordered in inverse chronological order by original release on a Dylan album ("Make You Feel My Love": 1997, Time Out Of Mind; "Foot Of Pride": 1991, The Bootleg Series Vol. 3; "Death Is Not The End": 1988, Down In The Groove; etc.) and are all written by Dylan, with the partial exception of Fairport Convention's mad live cover of "Million Dollar Bash" from the Cropredy 1997 festival (on the Cropredy Box album), in which singer/bassist Ashley Hutchings takes Dylan's melody and basic song structure and adds on his own hilarious, bizarre "additional lyrics" (which really comprise the entire set of lyrics to the song)... yet it's still credited as being by Dylan in the liner notes, and Hutchings even starts "Got a note from Bob Dylan, he said to say hi..." Jewels And Binoculars is an Australian instrumental jazz ensemble dedicated to performing songs associated with Bob Dylan, led by clarinetist Michael Moore; their version of "Sign On The Window" sticks tightly to Dylan's original melody without much structural improvisation, unlike their other excellent covers, so that's how that one in particular found its way onto this mix. The version of "Boots Of Spanish Leather" i have here was credited to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, but it's obviously neither of them. it's an absolutely beautiful country-style duet, but i have no idea who the performers are... it's a version where the woman solos the verse starting with "I got a letter...", does anyone know who this is? Track 16, Diamonds And Rust, is obviously not a Dylan tune; instead, it's Joan Baez's hyper-confessional song about her affair with Bob, and as such i think deserves a place here, just to reflect on the 15 tracks of songwriting genius that have come before it; even a brilliant mind can cause so much pain. i've taken the live version Baez performed with Mary Chapin Carpenter in 1994 from Joan's Ring Them Bells album, instead of the much better-known mid-70's studio version; it's subtler, i think, more emotionally honest and fermented in wisdom (Joan's really become an amazing old lady), even if not as obviously a pop hit -- to sum up, i think the connection to these songs of Dylan's is more present than ever, despite, or perhaps because of, the huge gulf of time between. Track 18, which i've given a "bonus track" placement after a minute or so of silence (which is its own track, an approach i really think professional CD makers should use) is my own mash-up of Dylan's world-encompassing blistering old-man blues "Mississippi" from his "Love And Theft" album, released on September 11th 2001 and for my money the best track Bob's recorded in his whole career, with Sheryl Crow's cover of the same song, released in 1998 on her album "The Globe Sessions". Bob is speeded up and Sheryl is slowed down to make them fit. the old codger is still capable of miracles.


Date: 8/1/2005
Looks good.I'd really like to hear the Mississippi mash up.Any chance of a trade?
Date: 8/3/2005
This looks great, and the liner notes are great too... Possibly Robert Deeble with Mandy Troxel on the Spanish Leather?