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Scientific selection #1--"from randomness, patterns arise"

Artist Song
orange 9mm  cold snow 
pizzicato five  go go dancer 
sigur ros  k k harpedi 
dance hall crashers  lost again  
saint etienne  boy scouts of america  
john williams  carbon freeze/ luke persues the captives/ departure of boba fett 
fishbone's familyhood nextperience  x-quewz me, dr. maddvibe, emergancy housecall pull-ease? 
pearl jam  betterman 
bad religion  losing generation 
paul van dyk and saint etienne  tell me why (vandit mix) 
shonen knife  miracles  
old 97's  you belong to my heart  


scientific selection for brian, who introed me to the concept. its wonderful, and, for brian, who wound up randomly picking such gems as an 8 min st et remix, an 8 min sigur song, an 11 star wars instrumental, bad religion song from their synthy rock album and a 21 min dr. maddvibe spoken word peice, its preety much set in stone he will listen to this once. but the randomness is the beauty of the scientific selection lol go check out popquizkid's mixes for the full skinny.


Date: 8/6/2005
That is terrific. The process is the art, not the product. I dig it.