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Scientific selection #2- "doing some good with his power"

Artist Song
whiskeytown  mining town  
built to spill  stab  
nofx  the black and white 
death cab for cutie  information travels faster  
shonen knife  animal song  
placebo  bulletproof cupid  
pizzicato five  this year's girl #1 
saint etienne  the bad photographer 
juliana hatfield three  for the birds 
fishbone  if i were a...i'd... 
pizzicato five  groovy is my name 
danzig  heart of the devil  
paul westerberg  trumpet clip  
bjork  isobel (deodato mix) 
saint etienne  angel (way out west mix) 
nirvana  serve the servants  
pizzicato five  bossa nova 3003 
placebo  ask for answers  
anna waronker  eat me alive  


this one was a little different. i took the selection numbers i gave to popquizkid for his scientific selection for me, and then tried applying it to my own collection to see what i'd come up with. this is it. a funny thing happened with both my and pqk's mixes, both p5 and st et were used multiple times (tho his ran short of time so they didnt make the cut). good times.