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Artist Song
Fishbone  party at ground zero  
Fishbone  another generation  
Fishbone  give it up  
Fishbone  it's a wonderful life (gonna have a good time)  
Fishbone  ma and pa  
Fishbone  bonin' in the boneyard  
Fishbone  hide behind my glasses  
Fishbone  skankin to the beat 
Fishbone  fight the youth  
Fishbone  everyday sunshine  
Fishbone  sunless saturday  
Fishbone  unyeilding conditioning 
Fishbone  lemon meringue  
Fishbone  alcoholic  
Fishbone  monkey dick  
Fishbone  where'd you get those pants 
Fishbone  in the heet of anger (live) 
Fishbone  fishbone is red hot 


a schooling on THE greatest band in the world...FISHBONE. my own version of a fishbone's greatest hits cd, similar to columbia's fishbone 101 cd, but without radio edits, and omiting things and adding things, and going past where it leaves off. yup.


Date: 8/6/2005
They were my personal favorite band in the world in high school, but that doesn't mean they aren't THE greatest. Rockin' choices.