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The Bubble Mix :: Beach Vacation 2005

Artist Song
Audioslave  Doesn't Remind Me  
Snow Patrol  Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking  
The Faraway Places  Another Life  
J Mascis  Take A Run At The Sun 
Razorlight  To the Sea  
Paloalto  Swim  
Bravery  Swollen Summer 
Moving Units  Between Us & Them  
Jet  Get Me Outta Here  
Fatboy Slim  The Joker  
VHS Or Beta  Dynamize  
Stereophonics  Rewind  
Ambulance LTD  The Ocean 
Hundred Reasons  What You Get  
Green Day  Wake Me Up When September Ends  
Coldplay  Daylight  
Tim G  Aloud In Molly's Chambers 
Hey Mercedes  It's Been A Blast  
The Trews  Not Ready To Go  


This is a CD I made in prep for my vacation, which we lovingly call *the Bubble*. songs of anticipation, relaxation, and resistenace to leave. Enjoy.
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bungeeless jumper
Date: 8/18/2005
i love this:)