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Chicago - and beyond

Side A
Artist Song
Bob Dylan  Bob Dylan's 115th Dream (25-second intro) 
Jane's Addiction  City 
Stevie Wonder  Living for the City  
Sufjan Stevens  Chicago  
Air  Universal Traveler  
Frank Sinatra  Chicago  
Talking Heads  Life During Wartime  
Sonic Youth  Eric's Trip  
Sonic Youth  "I'm just walking around / the city is a wondertown" 
Side B
Beastie Boys  Jimmy James  
Four Tet  smile around the face  
Air  Californie  
Beastie Boys  Bennie and the Jets 
Pink Floyd  The Gnome  
Olivia Tremor Control  The Sylvan Screen (its middle four minutes) 
Fiona Apple  "You'll remember me / Like a melody" 
Sufjan Stevens  Come On! Feel the Illinoise!  
Belle and Sebastian  (secret song at the end of Put The Book Back On The Shelf) 


My close friend/love interest Leila is moving from Chicago to New York in a couple of weeks. This is a celebratory farewell mix I compiled for her. I usually use 90-minute tapes, but I wanted to compress the best of what I had to share on a 60-minute cassette.


Date: 8/17/2005
looks good from what i know, i like the sonic youth picks and the stevie wonder especially.