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Its Wrong To Wish On Space Hardware

Artist Song
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer  Mean Old Coot  
Architecture In Helsinki  Wishbone  
Emperor X  Laminate Factory 
Saturday Looks Good To Me  All Over Town  
Superchunk  Phone Sex  
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names  Teenage Poetry 
The Wrens  I've Made Enough Friends  
Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!  In Green  
Billy Bragg  A New England  
Dismemberment Plan  The City 
So Many Dynamos  Seriously, Now 
The Go! Team  Huddle Formation  
Colin Clary  The Engine Light's Always on 
The Minders  Waterlooville 
Les Savy Fav  Yawn, Yawn, Yawn  
Built To Spill  Sidewalk  
Pants Yell!  pony tails 
Destroyer  What Road  


I made this mix for my new roommate who I found out was a big indie pop fan after we moved in together. The mix is supposed to be an indie pop mix, but there are quite a few rock songs on here that I just felt needed to be on it. All in all the mix turned out well as being a good upbeat poppy album. The title comes from the Billy Bragg track.
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Yeah, nice to see the indie pop and rock mixed together. Great Wrens song.