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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Depression
CD | Theme - Depression


Artist Song
Parker & Lily  The Low Lows 
The Jesus & Mary Chain  Just Like Honey 
The Clientele  We Could Walk Together  
The Velvet Underground  Ride Into The Sun  
My Bloody Valentine  Strawberry Wine 
Joanna Newsom  The Sprout & The Bean 
Devendra Banhart  This Is The Way  
Parker & Lily  Hello Halo  
The Clientele  From A Window  
My Bloody Valentine  Loomer  
Simon & Garfunkel  Flower Never Bend With The Rainfall 
Joanna Newsom  Three Little Babes  
Nine Inch Nails  A Warm Place  
Tori Amos  Smells Like Teen Spirit  
My Bloody Valentine  No More Sorry  
The Velvet Underground  I'm Set Free  


This mix was given to me by a very special person and I always cry and feel better when I get to Simon & Garfunkel.. a fantastic mix if you're feeling depressed. Warning however to becoming more depressed after listening to it.
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Date: 8/18/2005
the clientele are wonderful and the picture reminds me of chungking express :)