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Side A
Artist Song
komakino  tears in the rain 
photek  glamOUrama (sexy Italian girl dub) 
buck  >west coast movement< 
rupert parkes  rings around Saturn (peshay & decoder re-mix) 
artists against apartheid  the STRUGGLE continues 
roopie doopie  terminus......[*] 
snEaker piMps  post modern sleaze (g.a.b. 'length don't matter' edit) 
photek  j-u-n-k (absolute 'trAsh' remix) 
Side B
robert fripp..p..p / terre roche  e-x-p-o-s-u-r-e 
rupert o'parkes (he's part Irish)  lost blue heaven 
summers + fripp  under bridges of silence 
ketohp  TITAN 
david bowie  joe the lion 
herbie hancock  hardrock (off 'Sound System') 
sir rupert (again)  infinity-y-y-y-y-y-y-y 
fiNgertWisteR  chemical (corrosive remix) 
pphhootteekk  sol@ris 
Mr. Parkes  U.F.O. 


A single artist tribute to Mr. Rupert Parkes, a.k.a. Photek ( my number one drum-&-bass man ). Hadn't heard ay'thin' from him in over 3 (read: long wait) years and was trippin' over the Web when I saw that he had released an album in Sept. '00 on the Astralwerks label. So I "ran" to "Coconuts" and grabbed a copy. It's nice; not strictly d-&-b as he changes the pace with some tracks that lean towards a House-ier sound (though the Vocal tracks are NOT represented herein-just instrumental pieces). Also included cuts off 'Form + Function, some d-&-b mp3s an' a little bit o' noize. It was also the perfect excuse to get Robert Fripp's 'Exposure' and Bowie's 'Joe the Lion' on tape again [love those screams]. This one'll put 'yer car speakers to work, man ! A 'Tip-o-the-Hat' to: Jere Chandler: he created the g.a.b. handwriting font used on the j-card, and to Candra; 'cause I 'lifted' the Sneaker Pimps tune off her CD: "My Moment in the Sun' A regular AotM "Team" effort. ~:-p
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Date: 2/11/2001
You know I want a copy. What do you want in return?
Date: 2/13/2001
neat. worth it for the cover alone! where'd the Linux penquin get his drumsticks? You twisted my arm: please send me this + Silence for my birthday...thanks.
Date: 3/11/2001
Excellent survey of Mr. Parkes' career. More of the jazzy stuff than the tek-step stuff (I may do a tek step mix to go along with this) and without the new house stuff. Highly recommended.
Date: 3/12/2001
wow. it's been some time since you annoyed us all with "exposure" played over and over and over until we all screamed to "stop". only now I can appreciate it. awesome mix, big bro'! did you send copies to Cathy & Bill as well? I for 1 am grateful for your pioneering. I might have ended up a 'Village People idiot' had it not been for your fixation on left-of-center music in your youth! : )
Junior D1
Date: 12/6/2001
Nice mix, I love Photek Too... ever check out Hidden Agenda or Source Direct?