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The Drinks EP

Artist Song
Kid Loco  Cosmic Supernatural  
The Decemberists  The Engine Driver  
Snow Patrol  Ways and Means 
The White Stripes  The Denial Twist  
Rehab  Drinking Problem 
Antony and the Johnsons  Spiralling 
Frank Sinatra  Drinking Again  
Prefuse 73  Pagina Cinco  
Six Organs for Admittance  Words for Two 
The Robot Ate Me  Watermelon Sugar  
Feist  Lonely Lonely  
Iron and Wine  Fever Dream 


Just one of those mixes. Not quite a breakup mix, not quite a goodbye to the booze mix, but a combo of both. Used to mark another transition in life, hopefully away from all the partying and crap going on in my life and more towards a quiet place. Made for a girl whom I still deeply appreciate who lives on another coast. We have a habit of mailing mixes back and forth on the regular, I've just been lazy about putting them up here... Anyway, The Drinks EP. Even if it is longer than an EP. :)
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jaime b
Date: 8/23/2005
cute cover :) i like it a lot. but it's snow patrol... not snow parrol ;)
Date: 8/23/2005
nice mix & great cover art ... good luck with the drinks & the girl
Date: 8/24/2005
dude. this rocks. solid from top to bottom, every single pick a winner. i give you my mix of the day award... which hopefully will not DETRACT from the prestige of this mix ;)
Date: 9/1/2005
good point. hence the drinks EP. Must have been having drinks....