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Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Depression

the journey has come to an end...

Artist Song
the burning paris  winter street in winter  
nada surf  blonde on blonde  
amanda rogers  love in your eyes 
explosions in the sky  look into the air  
mineral  february 
death cab for cutie  photobooth  
the moirai  last year for halloween i was a ghost 
gardini di miro  once again a fond farewell 
saybia  briliant sky 
maple  two stories one world 
interpol  stella was a diver and she was always down  
red sparowes  he soundless dawn came alive as cities began to mark the horizon 
sigur r=s  gl=s=li  
low  pissing  
the appleseed cast  peril parts 1,2 and 3 
penfold  i'll take you everywhere 


i think that is a very nice compilation. :)