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i.c.k. 14- re:in.car.nation

Artist Song
dance hall crashers  shelly 
the rentals  brilliant boy  
minor threat  stand up (demo) 
the donnas  take it off  
bad religion  delirium of disorder  
bad religion  1,000 more fools 
bad religion  pity  
the distillers  beat your heart out  
saint etienne  lightning strikes twice  
hedwig and the angry inch  tear me down  
rem  whats the frequency, kenneth? 
they might be giants  snail shell  
orange 9mm  tragic  
black sheep  the choice is yours (revisited)  
sleater-kinney  wilderness  
veruca salt  forsythia  
death cab for cutie  crooked teeth  
bad brains  silent tears  
modest mouse  all night diner 
saint etienne  stars above us  
bright eyes  another travelin song 
rage against the machine  down rodeo  
wcw  nwo theme 


i got a new car. yay. this is the cd to break in the stereo. old faves, new classics. thanks to julienerd, pozatronic and pop quiz kid for lovely sound donations.