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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Depression

We'll Just Have to Adjust

Artist Song
The Arcade Fire  Une Annee Sans Lumiere 
Beck  Guess I'm Doin Fine 
Bob Dylan  Visions of Johanna -Live 65 Version 
Elliot Smith  Twilight 
My Morning Jacket  Hopefully  
Bright Eyes  Landlocked Blues  
Sufjan Stevens  John Wayne Gacy 
Songs Ohia  Just Be Simple 
Jeff Buckley  Drown in My Own Tears  
Iron and Wine  Each Coming Night 
Bonnie Prince Billy  A Beast for Thee 
Richard Buckner  Slept  
The Decemberists  Red Right Ankle  
Modest Mouse  Edit the Sad Parts 
Ray Lamontagne  Burn  
Rod Stewart  Maggie May  


This is a mix Im making to describe my feelings of moving to a new city where I know virtually no one. Meanwhile, all the ones I love will remain.


Date: 9/5/2005
John Wayne Gacy Jr. is the strangest song... it's beautiful but it's based off a serial killer. I have mixed feelings about it.. Your mix looks pretty decent, though.
Date: 9/5/2005
I realize that seems odd, but the last line of the song is really the reason why I included this in my mix. Its kind of my regret about treating people a certain way....
Date: 9/5/2005
if you've moved to a new city, my advice is get out there, live it, move on and embrace the opportunities - it's a big world and a short life . . . . shag someone and love it . . . your musical tastes will help (clearly).