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CD | Theme - Depression

why does it always have to be about a girl?

Artist Song
Rainer Maria  Artificial Light  
Azure Ray  Raining in Athens  
Death Cab for Cutie  Company Calls Epilogue  
The Feverfew  By Now  
Rocking Horse Winner  Steps in Sand 
Yellowcard  Ciggarettes 
Matt Skiba  Good Fucking Bye  
Gregory and the Hawk  I'm Your Puppet  
Bright Eyes  Sunrise, Sunset  
Engine Down  Overrated  
Thursday  Dying in New Brunswick  
Sunny Day Real Estate  In Circles  
Silverchair  Black Tangled Heart  
The New Amsterdams  Stay on the Phone  
The Elected  Don't Blow It  


it has nothing to do about a girl...maybe it does, it was a while ago.


Jay Davidson
Date: 9/21/2005
My friend, if it's depression, it's always about a girl. Wonderful SDRE track.