a sunny saturday afternoon - driving down roads unknown, oh look, a candy store!

Artist Song
the clamheads  summer's coming down 
close lobsters  i'm going to heaven 
the snapdragons  the things you want 
mousefolk  devil in the deep blue sea 
the legendary bang  sound of love 
love parade  under the weather 
the visitors  goldmining  
sea stories  grey rains 
die funf freunde  perfect day 
the bats  claudine  
one thousand violins  please don't sandblast my house 
phil wilson  better days 
friends  you'll never see this summertime again 
the train set  sink or swim 
the mayfields  deeper than the ocean 
50,000,000 elvis fans can't be wrong  enough 
choo choo train  big blue buzz 
the anyways  silver 
the clouds  village green  
the blue aeroplanes  lover and confidante 
the groovy little numbers  you make my head explode 
red sleeping beauty  the trumpet song 
the june brides  this town  
the railway children  consider (peel session) 
the chesterf!elds  alison wait 
razorcuts  try 


the week is almost over but the indiepop goes on. this mix features prime indiepop from about '86-'91 - much could be considered to be the "C86" sound. this mix features the highest percentage of guy singers, but that's OK, i've found that guys like driving around aimlessly more than girls. perfectly good justification to me anyway.

one more mix in the series to come - then i'm not listening to indiepop for a few days :)


Date: 9/22/2005
i so need a copy of this!! and not just for the railway children peel session!
Date: 9/24/2005
ANother mix to make my head explode -- or pop. More ace tunes from otter space.