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That's how I got so sick, SOMEONE CALLED ME ON THE TELEPHONE!!!

Artist Song
Single Frame  Through the Wires  
The Wind-Up Bird  This 
Sleepy Jackson  Good Dancers 
Bows  Big Wings  
Mogwai  Sine Wave  
Four Tet  She Moves She  
The Knife  Heartbeats  
Mouse on Mars  Doit  
Fog  We're Winning 
Third Eye Foundation  I've Lost That Loving Feline 
Clann Z·  Crashing to the Floor 
Namelessnumerheadman  Every Fiber 
Manitoba  Jacknuggetted 
M83  Unrecorded 
Dntel  (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan 
The Tear Garden  Sheila Liked the Rodeo  
Deftones  Lucky You  
Fridge  Cutup Piano + Xylophone 
Current 93  A Sad Sadness Song  


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