sunny sunday afternoon - the guys and girls have learned to get along - just in time

Artist Song
the go! team  feelgood by numbers  
dislocation dance  vendetta (theme)  
the orchids  a kind of eden  
blissful  summing up my day  
saturn v  skyfall 
the rainyard  1,000 years 
tramway  gianni bugno wheels 
tahiti 80  pop stars' club 
the electrosonics  retroflex  
popundret  shiver gone  
butterglory  stuck  
the dupont circles  everywhere girl  
for against  love you  
the artisans  start again 
air miami  airplane rider  
tiger trap  hiding  
po!  good behaviour 
the mctells  clean  
pencil tin  friday 
go sailor  fine day for sailing  
daily planet  vacaciones en roma 
moving pictures  hummingbird 
next time passions  not here anymore 
able tasmans  my name is peter keen 
the rosehips  a slow painful death to vivisectionists everywhere 


the final mix in the week-long series of indiepop. the guys and girls have been fighting all week for vocal prominentce, but i made them come to a truce by threatening an entire disc of instrumentals. after the opening two vocal-less offerings, there were no more arguments. i closed with a enjoyable 8-minute instrumental so that everyone would remember to get along next week.
i can't say i'll ever get around to actually making another week-long series of indiepop , but if i do, there will be no segregation.
#24 is one of my absolute favoritest songs.


Date: 9/26/2005
Ahhhhh! The grand finale -- a coda to a wonderful week of mixes. Like before, I recognize a few things here and there, but others leave me scratching my head -- or perhaps it's just the dandruff.
Date: 3/3/2006
These mixes have provided me with endless hours of entertainment. So when are you going to come out of hibernation and post some more mixes?
Date: 6/27/2007
So apparently owning a house and getting a Master's is more important than posting mixes on AOTM. Time to get your priorities straight, young man. Anyway, I hope Radio Otter returns to the airwaves soon, as I'm starting to wear out the mix CDs you've sent me.