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don't let anybody get in your way

Artist Song
oasis  the hindu times  
oasis  roll with it  
oasis  wonderwall [mtv unplugged] 
oasis  don't look back in anger  
oasis  fade away  
oasis  half the world away  
oasis  solve my mystery 
oasis  step out 
oasis  listen up [mtv unplugged] 
oasis  acquiesce  
oasis  columbia  
oasis  little by little [edit] 
oasis  some might say [mtv unplugged] 
oasis  cast now shadow [mtv unplugged] 
oasis  slide away  
oasis  whatever  
oasis  the masterplan [mtv unplugged] 


well a quick collection of oasis songs. not very well mixed, and by no means my favourites; 'live forever' is missing, for instance, but i've heard it loads of times already. i think the masterplan is probably superior to everything they've released but hey, that's me.