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Putting the "Cure" in Obscure (Warning: Contains nothing by "The Cure")

Artist Song
Paul Anka  Wonderwall (Oasis cover) 
The Lucksmiths  The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisc 
Mark Kozelek  If You Want Blood (AC/DC cover) 
Flight of the Conchords  Business Time  
Guster  Rocketship  
Parva  Vending Machine 
Kent  Kevlar Soul 
Rhett Miller  Come Around 
The Magic Numbers  Long Legs  
Jump  Mexico 
Emm Gryner  Phonecall 45  
Camper Van Beethoven  Matchstick Men 
The Bravery  Tyrant  
The Black Keys  Have Love Will Travel  
Baumer  Take What's Mine  
The Beautiful South  My Book  
Mew  Saliva  
Ocean Colour Scene  Wah Wah (George Harrison cover) 
The Sounds  Living in America  
JosT Gonz├člez  Crosses  
Madness  You Keep Me Hanging On (Kim Wilde cover) 


This is a mix for the purposes of sending a friend a book that I promised I'd send him and I had to include a mix cd. This friend...he and I have been through a lot of the same things but he's further away from them than I am, right now. And I'm happy for him but we are growing more distant due to the spaces in our lives that are filled up with other things and people. And this mix is supposed to be fun and obscure and startle him and make him remember how he is yin and I am yang.
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Date: 6/2/2007
I understand your reliance on the Decemberists for modern sea shanties, but your Flight of the Conchords selection is absolutely awesome.

Well done.
Date: 6/2/2007
Woah. Wrong comment, wrong mix. But now that I'm here... It's hard to tell where you are and where your friend is from the mix. That's a deeply personal thing and hard to convey so don't worry about it. But you do have a well varied selection which is good. I like the use of covers for a concept like this.