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Rock 'n' Roll Is a Prostitute, It Should Be Tarted Up.

Side A
Artist Song
David Bowie  Life On Mars?  
Manic Street Preachers  Spectators of Suicide (Heavenly vers.) 
Bright Eyes  A Song To Pass The Time  
The Jesus & Mary Chain  Some Candy Talking 
The Smiths  Cemetry Gates  
My Bloody Valentine  I Only Said  
Siouxsie & The Banshees  Christine 
Tilly & The Wall  You & I Misbehaving 
The Faint  Let The Poison Spill... 
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah  In This Home On Ice  
The Cure  Bananafishbones  
Side B
Kate Bush  Hounds Of Love  
Echo & The Bunnymen  Heaven Up Here  
Talking Heads  Take Me To The River  
The Unicorns  Tuff Ghost  
Smashing Pumpkins  Cherub Rock  
T.Rex  Jeepster 
Bjork  Venus As A Boy 
The Dandy Warhols  Shakin'  
Bauhaus  Telegram Sam  
Le Tigre  Punker Plus  
Stellastarr*  Somewhere Across Forever  
Hedwig & The Angry Inch  The Origin Of Love 


"Rock and roll's a prostitute. It should be tarted up, perfomed. The music is the mask, while I in my chiffon and taffeta... Well, varda the message." - Brian Slade in Velvet Goldmine

This is a mix that I put together for a trade. I might redo it or tweak it a bit...
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Holly Dolly
Date: 10/9/2005
this. is. awesome. all these great bands and songs PLUS Hedwig. AND your screen name is from Clockwork Orange correct? this is definately going on my favorte list.
Sean Lally
Date: 10/9/2005
i like it - dig the opener & closer especially.
Date: 10/9/2005
This is pretty rockin'!
Date: 10/9/2005
This is great - and man, it's been AGES since I've seen Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on a mix. Boy, that brings me back.

Thanks so much for the MSP song, also.
Date: 10/10/2005
A great mix. The first six tracks and pretty much all of side two i love. I'd almost completely forgot stellastar* existed so thanks for reminding me of that great tune aswell!
Erock Music
Date: 10/13/2005
This is a great lil' mix.