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Courting Shadows: The Soundtrack

Artist Song
Prodigy  Send Him To Outer Space 
Oasis  D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman 
Bonzo Dog Band  I'm The Urband Spaceman 
Laika  Starry Night  
Ani DiFranco  Untouchable Face (Fuck You) 
Conjure One  Tears From The Moon  
Sarah McLachlan  Out Of The Shadows  
Splashdown  Karma Slave 
Unto Ashes  Teach Me How To Drown  
Nancy Helin  Weed In The Garden of Eden 
CKY  Escape From Hellview  
Death Cab For Cutie  All Is Full of Love  
Matthew Good Band  Running For Home  
Elliot Smith  Easy Way Out 
Oasis  Wonderwall  
Moloko  Absent Minded Friends  
U2  Until The End Of The World  
The Dandy Warhols  We Used To Be Friends  
Third Eye Blind  God of Wine  


The soundtrack for my NaNoWriMo of 2004. It's based on my novel-length story Courting Shadows (which can be found here: To sum up the story.. it takes place a few hundred years in the future in a sci-fi setting. Addie books a ticket on the Arouet, without knowing that the pilot of this ship is her first love Cael. However, by this point he's married to another woman. After the ship crashes on an uncharted planet, Addie starts falling in love with Cael again. When she tells him this he rebuffs her and she runs away into the jungle. Sometime later, an ancient goddess persuades Addie to seek revenge on those who have hurt her. It's long, complicated, and.. well.. weird! Very, very weird. Most of the stuff that comes out of my brain is though.

Besides telling the tale through music, it's also a really great collection of songs. It's one of my favorite mixes I've made.
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