You Can't See Me 'Cause I'm Wearing Black (10/8/05)

Artist Song
The Pixies  Debaser 
*** 2gether  Chad Scared of Eminem 
AC Newman  Miracle Drug 
Regina Spektor  Consequence of Sounds 
*** Backstreet Boys  As Long As You Love Me 
Mates of State  Goods (It's All In Your Head) 
Liam Lynch  Fake Depeche Mode Song  
Fiona Apple  Not About Love  
Head Automatica  Zack Morris Is My Hero 
Jason Mraz  Geek In The Pink  
Frou Frou  Let Go  
Liz Phair  Turning Japanese 
***Wet Hot American Summer Soundtrack  Higher and Higher 
Ladytron  Seventeen  
Reel Big Fish  Kiss Me Deadly 
Ben Folds  Bitches Ain't Shit  
Action Action  Drug Like  
Liam Lynch  Electrician's Day  
*** Revenge Of The Nerds Soundtrack  Lamda Lamda Lamda Rap 
Tenacious D  Fuck Her Gently  
Ted Leo  Since U Been Gone (Maps) 
Head Automatica  Beating Heart Baby  
Razorlight  Golden Touch  
*** Team America: World Police Soundtrack  Everyone Has AIDS 


I made this mix for my sister Romy's eighteenth birthday. The title is a lyric from Liam Lynch's "Fake Depeche Mode Song." (because Romy loves her Depeche!) I put a lot of thought - and inside jokes - into this CD, and I she really seemed to enjoy it. The songs marked with a "***" were "surprise" songs - I didn't write them on the track list so that she would be really surprised. She laughed her ass off!


Date: 10/11/2005
It's a shame we can't see you-you look so good in black.