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scrabble nite two

Side A
Artist Song
shelly plimpton   frank mills 
michael jackson  rock with you 
fun boy three  our lips are sealed 
the beatles  lovely rita 
lovin' spoonful  money 
urge overkill  dropout 
xtc  respectable street 
elvis costello & the attractions  oliver's army 
petula clark  you're the one 
a boy named thor  jersey sure? 
the orange peels  you're so clever 
modest mouse  polar opposites 
velvet undergound  rock-n-roll 
luna  california (all the way) 
velocity girl  there's just one thing left to say 
Side B
the lucksmiths  the art of cooking for two 
the original harmony ridge creekdippers  give my heart to you 
mountain goats  cubs in five 
smog  dress sexy at my funeral 
pavement  summer babe 
simon and garfunkel  a poem on the underground wall 
lovin' spoonful  did you ever have to make up your mind 
the colourfield  thinking of you 
nick lowe  skin deep 
lloyd cole & the commotions  perfect skin 
the la's   timeless melody 
edwyn collins  if ever you're ready 
throwing muses  juno 
giant sand  xtra wide 
archer prewitt  i'll be waiting 


Some thoughts: 1. I had some help on this one from the girlfriend. We played the alternating dj thing to (mostly) great effect. The modest mouse song (angry rock) after the orange peels (sunshine pop) just doesn't work (in the right way). And I'm not sure how the lovin' spoonful inspired urge overkill but that works (i guess).
2. I read that Pearl Jam covers the La's "Timeless Meldoy" quite often. How does that work? 3. 25 points just for playing the X. You gotta love that.


Falstaff Dvorak
Date: 2/19/2001
Looks like another fun mix. Shouldn't you be grading papers on your day of?
Stephen Royce
Date: 2/19/2001
I should be. I might yet. Probably won't. The only way to survive is to leave those things at work and sit at the stereo whenever you get a chance.
Date: 8/7/2001
i'm still convinced the smog song is about agamemnon. it's just funnier that way.
Goo Goo 22
Date: 9/14/2002
I love scrabble. I love your mix.