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I Am an Aspiring Hipster

Artist Song
The Coral  Gina Jones 
Television  Marquee Moon  
Fiery Furnaces  Blueberry Boat 
Pearl Jam  Who You Are  
The Lashes  Please Please Please 
David Bowie  New Killer Star  
Blood Brothers  Wolf Party 
Pixies  Debaser  
Franz Ferdinand  Jaqueline 
Radiohead  There There  
Modest Mouse  Bukowski  
Ben Harper  Black Rain  
Bob Dylan  Girl From a Northern Country 
Rusted Root  Ecstasy  
Steve Earle  Conspiracy Theory  
The Beatles  Maxwell's Silver Hammer  


Technically, this mix as an entity is hypothetical, because I only have "Gina Jones" on vinyl (limited access to file sharing, of late). The title was inspired by something I wrote about the last mix I did here (it's been awhile). I don't know exactly how this qualifies me as an aspiring hipster, really. I just like saying that I am.


DJ Karen Adams
Date: 11/7/2005