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Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Mixed Genre

wine, autumn smells, and lots of love.

Side A
Artist Song
orange juice  falling and laughing (theo/dan) 
wolf parade  i'll believe in anything (theo) 
simon & garfunkle  so long, frank lloyd wright (dan) 
galaxie 500  fourth of july (theo) 
the beau brummels  laugh, laugh (dan) 
sonic youth  schizophrenia (theo) 
simply saucer  bulletproof nothing (dan) 
tim delaughter (polyphonic spree)  scream & shout (theo) 
the decemberists  grace cathedral hill (dan) 
the strokes  you only live once (theo) 
modest mouse  3rd planet (dan) 
destroyer  goddess of drought (theo/dan) 
Side B
the replacements  left of the dial (theo) 
yo la tengo  my little corner of the world (special guest DJ corinne!) 
the velvet underground  ocean (dan) 
the dovers  what am i gonna do (theo) 
the rolling stones  silver and gold (dan) 
hefner  the sweetness lies within you (theo) 
love  andmoreagain (dan) 
the concretes  chico (theo) 
robert johnson  when you've got a good friend (dan) 
van morisson  madame george (theo) 
richard thompson  kate rose (theo) 
joy division  atmosphere (dan and theo) 


the beginning of a new year!!!


Date: 11/5/2005
sweet, dude. i like the theme a lot, too.