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Everybody Hates Chris: The Mix Tape

Artist Song
Kool & the Gang  Get Down On It (1981)  
Cybotron  Alleys of Your Mind (1981) 
Funkadelic  Electro-Cuties (1981) 
Mint Condition  Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (1991) 
Freda Payne  I Get High (On Your Memory) (1978) 
Kim Carnes  Bette Davis Eyes (1981) 
Evelyn Champagne King  I'm In Love (1981) 
Frankie Smith  Double Dutch Bus (1980) 
Kano  I'm Ready (1981) 
Biz Markie  Vapors (1988) 
Sister Nancy  Gwan A School (1982) 
Stevie Wonder  My Cherie Amour (1969) 
Was (Not Was)  Out Come the Freaks (Mutant Disco Version) (1981) 
Newcleus  Jam On It (1984) 
Sugarhill Gang  Apache (1981)  



A tribute to Everybody Hates Chris and its music. No I'm not some UPN hack pumping up the show. Just a fan. The show is only five episodes in so this may be a bit premature, but the music in the show mirrors my current interests. The show is set in Brooklyn in 1982, and there's lots of electro, funk, rap, quiet storm r&b/soul and chart pop setting the scene.
I've used one song from every episode. I could have filled the entire mix with great songs from the show, but thought I'd add my own picks from the 1978 to 1984 era instead. The only songs outside this era were ones used on the show - the oddest choice was the Mint Condition song from 1991 (selective memory maybe?). Other songs were chosen to match the themes of each episode. Between every song there's a clip from the show.
Songs from the show. Episode 1: Kool & the Gang - "Get Down On It" Episode 2: Mint Condition - "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" Episode 3: Evelyn Champagne King - "I'm In Love" Episode 4: Biz Markie - "Vapors", Stevie Wonder - "My Cherie Amour" (only used the break, don't worry.the song, as a whole, grates on me) Episode 5: Newcleus - "Jam On It"
The mix is available via megaupload by clicking on the first or last song.
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Date: 10/25/2005
awesome. thanks for uploading it! i'm feelin' it.
Date: 10/27/2005
This is great. How did you make it all one long mp3?
Date: 10/27/2005
The Sister Nancy especially, hadn't heard that one.
Date: 2/15/2006
Oh this looks miiighty fine. If only the download were still active. Would be most happy to trade, he hinted.
Date: 6/25/2007
oh, thanks for the songs, and it was worthy to read
I live in south korea, and no one around me knows any song played in this sitcom I'm glad you posted this
Date: 10/16/2007
thanks for the songs.Does anybody know the song played in when chris attended in a halloween party and the girl had pity on him?